Welcome To The New Year

Welcome To The New Year

New years are full of resolutions and expectations for change.

To be honest I kind of hate this notion. You don't need the universe to offer you a clean slate before you take the initiative to change your life. 

Easier said than done- I am well aware. 

This is my first step into following the things that I am passionate about. For me personally, this year has been filled to the brim with change and growth to which I have no comparison. 

In the past year I have graduated high school, started a new job, made and lost some friends, contemplated moving, decided to move, changed my mind, took a break from school, cut my hair, and cut it again, done things I regret, and things that I will be proud of until the day that I die. The point is, I'm changing and growing all the time, and I require no restrictive time limit to change my life. 

I wonder what changes I will endure in the coming year. To be honest, I never anticipated some of the things I encountered this year. I couldn't plan for them. While maybe we do not need the new year to change and grow and evolve even more into the person we were made to be- the fresh calendar can be encouraging place to start.

Maybe you felt like there are parts of your life holding you back from the things you so desperately desire. Maybe there are parts of you, maybe that little voice begging you to do the things you've been wanting to do forever, that demand to be heard. Even if we don't need a new year to become something new- the fresh start does seem to give us a good starting line. 

While I will never be one for new year resolutions, that doesn't mean I don't have things I hope the new year will bring me. 

I hope this will be the year will be the year that I will truly begin to pursue the things that I have wanted all of my life. 

I hope that this year be the year that I do something completely insane- for all of the right reasons. 

I hope this year will bring me endless amount of happiness and joy with the new friends I have made that strangely became my second family. 

I hope this is the year that I can really make a difference in someone's life and know that I became a better person through it. 

I hope this year is a year of redemption. 

Whatever dreams you have had living inside you, I hope that this is the year where you finally allow them to be more than just dreams. 

May this be a year of growth. 

Welcome to 2016.