Don't Miss The Magic

For most of my relatively short life, I have had a very real fear of life. It is really easy to sit behind my computer and write about how important it is to embrace life, it is very different to go out into the world and live it.

When you consider what it means to be alive, the qualifications of being alive are not that complicated. In some cases you don't even need a heart beat. The grass growing in your front yard is alive, and its growing. However, living and being alive are two very different things. I'm still working everyday to make sure that I am not simply just alive. 

I do not know a single person who doesn't have an obstacle to overcome in order to live the kind of life that they desire. It could be physical, or mental, or spiritual, or financial, and it keeps you from thinking that the things that you want in life are too far out, too radical, too insane. For me, my biggest enemy has always been myself, or my mind for that matter. My brain, and all the chemicals that run around in it, they have led me to believe that the things I want are things I will never get. It has led me to believe for far too long the only life I will ever have is mediocre at best. I recently decided that I refuse to settle for mediocre.

I recently went to Disney World, but I was close to not making it there. The day before I was supposed to go I was in tears because my brain told me lots of lies about how I would be in a constant state of anxiety. That getting on a plane was too much. That being away from home would be too hard. It seems silly in the right state of mind that anyone could ever feel that way in "The Happiest Place on Earth," but it was all too real for me. But despite it all I got on the plane and I had a wonderful time. The things my brain had promised me would happen, they didn't happen. They didn't stand a chance against the magic.

There is so much magic in everyday life that I have failed to see because I have been so far in the depths of my own head. There is magic in the way it feels to simply feel the sun hit your skin. There is magic in the way that couples look at each other. There is magic in the power of music and a car on the open road. There is magic in the way you can feel your heart fill when you hug your loved ones when it has been too long. There is magic in the way that your house feels way more like a home when you have been somewhere very different for a while. There is magic in comfortable silence. There is so much magic in this world, and I have failed to see a lot of it because of the obstacles I face within myself. I somehow imagine that I am not alone in this. 

I hope whoever you are and whatever it is that fills your mind, and keeps you from missing the magic of everyday life, I hope you find the things that bring you back into the moment. I hope you find people that make it impossible for you to miss the magic, because I have found that the people in my life more than anything else make my life magic in all of its simplicity. I have found people who will jump off cliffs with me and hop in a car with hours notice and drive somewhere we never have been before just for the sake of adventure. People who make me brave with my words and purposeful with my actions. People who insist that I see the magic in any and all things. If you haven't found these people yet, please do not stop looking for them, because they are out there, and they are waiting for you, and they are wonderful. 

We were not put on this planet to simply be alive. We were meant to live, explore, discover, love, experience, create. More than anything else, we were never meant to miss the magic. We were meant to be a part of it.