Kylie Kroger

Happy Mothers Day

Kylie Kroger
Happy Mothers Day

Not all mothers look the same. I don't mean in appearance, I mean that there are a million ways to be a mother. There are birth mothers, and step mothers, and foster moms, and mentors, and older sisters who raise their siblings as their own. Know that just because you did not physically give birth, there is probably a person out there who sees you in that light. 

I am thankful for all the mothers in my life. The mothers that raised my friends into the people that they are, people that I cannot imagine my life without. The mothers who I know who have let me watch their own kids, and be apart of their kids lives, because frankly nothing could be more of an honor. The mothers that I have, both my step mom and my momma, the two best woman who I have the honor to have been a child to. Whatever kind of mom you are, know that you are a superhero. 

I am pretty good about letting my mom know everyday how much I love her. But on Mothers Day, I think is a really good time to share why I think my mom is an actual superhero:


Let me start with the surface things. Let me start by saying thanks for giving me your face- I used to hate hearing growing up that I looked just like you, but now I am thankful for it (mostly because you are a total babe) and I hope that means that when I'm grown and a mom that I will be a total babe as well. Thank you for giving me your laugh and my big brown eyes, because these two things have become my favorite thing about myself. I think it is even better knowing wherever I go in life, a piece of you will be there with me.

Thank you for loving me when I would come home covered head to toe in mud because I wanted to be like one of the boys. Thank you for letting me keep pet ducklings for a whole summer, because that ended up being one of my favorite childhood memories. Thank you for not yelling at me the time I rear-ended a car, and thanks for giving me tough love when I backed into one. Thanks for letting me and Jordan bring home Percy and Frodo even though you said "no more cats." Thank you for letting me vent when it is midnight and I can't sleep. 

The things you have helped me get through in life is beyond comparison. Thank you for being supportive when all of a sudden your very bubbly high school daughter couldn't get out of bed and get to school for a solid month, and thanks for being my cheerleader when I finally could. Thank you for doing everything in your power to make sure that I "self care" because while I am good at some things, that is not one of them. Thank you for helping me learn that your physical heath is just as vital as your mental and emotional health. Thank you for getting me and my odd brain, and celebrating my quirks and calling them "uniqueness."

Thank you for teaching me about love. Good love, the best love, which I believe is found in God. Thank you for making sure I know that the God I love is not vengeful, but captures our hearts with grace and love. Thank you for making me a person who assumes the best in people. Thank you for letting me believe that the best way to fall in love with our life, is to do the things we love. 

I don't think that a card and flowers can really ever thank you for the things you have done for me. It could never come close. So the best I can do is just tell you that I love you, I think that you raised me to be a strong human, with a gentle heart. I am proud every day to be your kid. 

Happy Mothers Day!