Kylie Kroger

This Is The New Year

Kylie Kroger
This Is The New Year

One year ago I finally decided to take a risk and put my writing into the world. I decided to start this blog one year ago. 

To be honest, nothing has healed me more than this blog. Nothing has helped me grow more than finally building up the courage to start to be vulnerable, frankly nothing has ever scared me more than allowing people to know what's going on in my head & in my heart. 

I am not a New Years resolution person, I don't think there is ever a perfect time to start changing your life. But last year, I did think it would be cool to start sharing my words & thoughts, and here I am a year later, still thinking that would be kind of cool. And taking this step has changed me, and I am thankful to go into the new year with a full heart & a very alive fire for writing. 

While I am not setting resolutions with any deadlines, weight loss numbers, or changes in any kind of relationship status, there are some things I am working on in this new season. 

I'm working on being kinder to myself. I'm working on not comparing where I am, to where someone else is. I'm working on thinking nicer thoughts about myself; that extra pounds I have gained to not determine my worth, but to take care of myself in the best way I can. I am working on not letting my anxiety and depression rule who I am, and I'm working on differentiating between a bad day and a bad life. I'm working on self love and self care. I'm working on making peace with the vessel of my soul. 

I'm working on loving people better. I'm working on forgiveness & patience. I'm working on becoming more of the version of myself that God intended. I'm working on trying to see where God wants me to go rather than where I would prefer to be. And I'm working on not beating myself up when I don't always succeed in my pursuit of these things. 

I'm working on being courageous. I'm working on loving people who drive me mad. I'm working on being a better friend, daughter, sister, employee, writer, dreamer, and human. 

I hope this year is better than last year (lord, was 2016 even real?) because I think it has the potential to be. 

2017 is going to be the year when love wins even bigger. The year that dreams become reality. Where our demons are put to rest. The year are hearts are really truly full. 

Welcome to 2017, were glad you made it.