Kylie Kroger


Kylie Kroger

You deserve more than half-baked proposals and 2 am “I miss you’s”

You deserve more than “what if’s” and “I’m sorry’s” dished our buffet style- an endless amount of empty words meant to fill you until you burst.

You deserve more than the scraps of a love that should have been bountiful; a cornucopia spilling over.
Enough love to keep you going well into the future.

Darling, you are not a scavenger.

You were not designed to feed on leftovers
the forgotten pieces
the bare minimum of what they were willing to share.

So cook yourself up something sustainable.
Build yourself up- pack yourself strong. Grow lean and mean.
Stronger than the man who once offered you scraps.

Those who once offered you their scraps will pull up a chair at their table, your name engraved in gold. Made for you.
When he offers you a seat, you will walk away. Filled to the brim.

Self-satisfied; tell him you are no longer hungry.