Kylie Kroger

I Hope You Don't Forget

Kylie Kroger
I Hope You Don't Forget

There’s going to be days when you feel less than.
When you stumble
When you forget you were crafted from clay by the same hands who pointed to every star and gave it a name.
There will be days when you feel a little too human.

On those days I hope you don’t forget;

The feeling of sun on your skin and wind tangling your hair.

The sound of your best friends laughter and the joy in the tail of your pet simply at the sight of your face and the sound of your voice.

How no matter how unpredictable the world might be you can always count on the ocean to continue to kiss the shore in San Diego. How it will feel like you’re home when that glorious salt water washes over you.

Don’t forget the mangos fresh off the tree.

The freedom that comes hand in hand with jumping.

The way you felt at nearly every concert you’ve ever been to. That jittering in your bones and the goosebumps dancing from the deepest parts of your soul.

The first sip of coffee after a long night. The first sip of any coffee, really.

I hope you look off of cliffs and ledges and up into the heavens and realize how incredible it is that you got here.
The craftsmanship and attention to detail placed in you before you were ever here.
Before you ever had a name.

Some days you will feel a little too human.
A little too imperfect.
A little too hard to love.

On these days I hope you never forget what a miracle you are.
That with all the odds stacked against you
you choose to keep going. 

You choose to return love into the world the same way it has been shown to you.
Undeserving and without question.