Kylie Kroger

Project StoryTellers: Meet Kylie

Kylie Kroger
Project StoryTellers: Meet Kylie

My name is Kylie Kroger. I came into this world on February 6th just about twenty years ago in the city of Wilmington, Delaware.

I was born to two loving parents, and I have a big brother who I hope to be like one day. While I was born in Delaware, I also ventured to California, and Pennsylvania before settling here in Ohio. 

I had a good childhood. I remember summers spent with my friends riding bikes around my neighborhood in bathing suits, and among my fondest memories, I raised six ducklings with my brother and childhood best friend. I rolled in the mud and went on adventures that all kids should get to experience.  

When I was about eight my parents went through a divorce. It was messy, and seeing love fall apart that young changed me, and ten years later my heart is still healing. They don't put a timeline on healing a heart, but somehow, the things that felt broken started to feel new again. Around that same time in my life, my dad got cancer. It was touch and go- and we nearly lost him more than once, but somehow through the power of God and modern medicine, he is still here with us, ten years later.    

When I was eight, I had my first panic attack. Without warning, and at the time, without end. I struggled with mental health a lot through my younger days. Around eighth grade I hit a pretty rough patch. My anxiety heightened and that was the first time in my life depression made itself at home inside me. I kept all the demons of my insecurities trapped inside me like a caged monster waiting for its time to escape. And like all monsters- it came out, and for a season I struggled with self-harm. Therapy became my friend and for a few years, my demons stayed at bay. However, December of my senior year in high school, my depression and anxiety was the worst it ever was. I stopped going to school, I quit my job, and I could no longer leave my house, I rarely got out of bed for a month. 

My mom was my rock. She did everything to remind me of who I was. I had fought these battles before, and I got back up again. It took time, I started taking medicine that regulated my anxiety and I got back into counseling. I started writing. Writing saved me in more ways than I will ever be able to express. When I wrote, the world started to seem less scary. I started to feel in control. I started to accidentally stumble onto the things I cared about. I realized more than anything, I cared about people. I cared about the story they were writing. 

This is just a glimpse into my story. It is such a small blip on the radar in the grand scheme of everything. 

All I can hope to be in this life is a good writer, but even bigger than that, a good storyteller. I want to live a good story, but I also want to write about all the amazing stories happening all around me. The stories of the people who are nothing like me. The people who have different stories of redemption. There are endless amounts of wisdom to be gathered from the stories being lived all around us. In every corner of every room, in every corner of the world. 

Project StoryTellers is an extension of my Words Of A Wildflower blog. Project StoryTellers is about all the people and all the stories that inspire, impact, and motivate. All the stories brewing inside of the people I know and people I have met along the way. Words Of A Wildflower is my story, I want Project StoryTellers to be yours. 

Your stories of comedy & tragedy. Your stories of redemption. Your stories of grace and forgiveness. Your stories of transition and trial. The good, the bad, and the beautiful, because whether you know it or not, the world needs to hear it.  

Welcome to Project StoryTellers. What is your story?